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  • What's the big STACK all about?
  • Maria Munoz
What's the big STACK all about?


Undoubtedly, the biggest fashion jewelry craze to hit the runways, magazines and blogs over the past year has been the big STACK. Whether one is stacking rings, bracelets, or necklaces to create a statement-worthy look, the STACK is in...with no signs of slowing down. Just check out the necks on these models from the Lanvin Fall 2013 runway show:


Thank goodness, because we are just not ready to let go of this fashion trend! The best news? There is no wrong way to stack--the key is to fuse together pieces that you love to create a look that is uniquely you. We love to mix colorful jeweled pieces with bold materials such as gold plate, brass or copper. 


Let your imagination run wild! Check out our stack worthy bracelet collection here.

  • Maria Munoz

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