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  • Blue: The Hottest Summer Hue
  • Maria Munoz
Blue: The Hottest Summer Hue

I'll admit, I am a bit biased when it comes to the color blue. Growing up in sunny Florida will do that to you; with crystal-blue waters and sunny blues skies as your backdrop who can blame us Floridian fashionistas for our blue affinity?

So it's no surprise to us that the hottest accessories designers turned to blue as key inspirations for their summer collections. Pops of electric blue, turquoise, navy, baby blues and all other kinds of blue hit the runways this spring and summer.

With so many options, you can literally drape yourself to your blue heart's content! Check out some of our favorite Loupe true blue pieces:



Top Left: The Gigi Cuff by CC Skye: $330         

Top Right:  The Brynn Earrings by Elizabeth Cole: $293

Bottom Left: The Lotus & Scarab Necklace by Lele Sadoughi: $445

Bottom Right: The Roxy Earrings by Loren Hope: $78

Click here for more of our Summer Blues Collection.

  • Maria Munoz

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