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  • An Interview with Style Maven Melanie Auld of Melanie Auld Jewelry
  • Maria Munoz
An Interview with Style Maven Melanie Auld of Melanie Auld Jewelry
Melanie Auld Jewelry has quickly become a hot commodity among our customers ever since we introduced her line to The Loupe in late November. With her focus on basic, classic pieces that are well-tailored, luxurious and stylish, it's no wonder she's quickly becoming one of our favorite jewelry lines. We absolutely love her Spring '14 collection and are so excited to be one of the few online retailers to carry it this early into the spring season. 
Melanie was born in Thunder Bay, a small town in Northwestern Ontario. At 19 she left home to study fashion and was quickly drawn to creating jewelry. As her husband was living his dream of playing hockey professionally she easily embraced all the amazing cities they were so fortunate to live in: Vancouver, South Florida, Boston, Ottawa, Dallas, Montreal and Salzburg. Melanie and her husband now call Vancouver home along with their children Ella and Sam.

Now that she's back in Vancouver, Melanie Auld is out to set the designer jewelry world ablaze--and we have no doubt she is well on her way. Read on to find out more about this amazing designer.

TL: What inspires your jewelry line?
MA: I am inspired by travel, fashion, everything. Sometimes its even just a feeling you get from being in a certain place at a certain time. Life is inspiring!

TL: What materials are you most drawn to?
MA: I am very drawn to stones as I am sure is quite apparent in my collections. I am always looking for interesting ways to pair stones together or different color combinations.

TL: Tell us a bit about your Spring '14 collection--what was your inspiration?
MA: Spring was definitely inspired by travel to far off exotic locations. The colors are so saturated and the perfect addition to a tan and a smile! I just brought the whole collection to Mexico with me and had the most impossible time choosing with pieces to wear.

TL: What are some of your favorite Melanie Auld pieces on The Loupe?
MA: The Double Stone earrings in Cream Druzy are one of my absolute favorite pieces from the collection. They were a last minute addition that I am so glad popped into my head. Also the 3 tier triangle necklace in labradorite. It's so versatile and is easily worn now or in the middle of summer.

TL: You were recently named one of Elle Canada's "One to Watch" designers--can you tell us a little more about that distinction?
MA: I was so honored to be named as "one to watch" by Elle Canada. It's so nice to have the reassurance that people are starting to notice my line and really appreciate the kind of jewelry I am making.

TL: What's your favorite accessory--what can't you live without?
MA: I can't pick just one! My Chanel bags and all my jewels, haha.

TL: What are some other things you are passionate about, beside your jewelry?
MA: My children and husband are the most important things in my life, when I am not working I am doing my best to spend as much time with them as possible. To really be present. In this day and age it's almost impossible to just shut off everything, but relationships are so so important. A human connection. I am passionate about people not forgetting that!

TL: What can we look forward to from Melanie Auld in the rest of 2014?
MA: Fall samples are already being made! I am super excited to try out some new cuff ideas that you haven't seen from me before. Lots of Malachite, Lapis, Labradorite and my favorite White Howlite! Also introducing a little more silver!

Thank you Melanie! We can't wait to see what's in store for Melanie Auld in 2014!
  • Maria Munoz

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