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  • Introducing Rachael Ryen Jewelry
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Introducing Rachael Ryen Jewelry



Introducing our newest love…. Rachael Ryen Jewelry

Inspired by a lifelong love of jewelry, Boston designer Rachael Byers created Rachael Ryen Jewelry in 2011.  While searching for pieces to fill her own jewelry box, Rachael discovered there were very few options in between expensive fine jewelry and costume jewelry.  To fill that void, Rachael began designing her own pieces, creating what she calls “colorful, modern jewelry with a dainty, delicate feel”. Her collection of gorgeous gems has quickly become one of our favorites, with a mix of unique modern pieces and fresh new staples.

Find out more about Rachael, what inspires her, and what are must haves for every girl.

What inspires you when working on a new collection?

I look at my line as a story and each collection a chapter. In other words, all my designs are created deliberately, wrapping in shapes and looks from past seasons. I want my customers to be able to build on what they already have. My husband and I also get to travel quite a bit due to his job, so I’m always keeping my eyes open for new shapes, textures and elements from overseas travels that I can incorporate.

What was the first piece you designed?

The first piece I designed was a necklace for a friend. I was out searching for a birthday gift for her and didn’t really find anything that was quite right. On my way home I passed a bead store, went in and picked out a few materials. The necklace was a long beaded piece that she still has and loves.

What is your favorite piece you’ve designed?

The Duchess Earrings have a special place in my heart since I wore them for my own wedding this past fall. The petal ear jackets and 3 stone bar necklace are two basics that not only do my customers love, but also go with me everywhere. When you create a versatile, classic piece that stands out, it’s a great feeling.

What materials do you love working with?

I just started using doublets which is a technique where stones are layered onto one another to create these beautiful, rich colors. The abalone pieces this season are a doublet and I love the blue hues that come through. Moonstone and Labradorite are also favorites. All our pieces are sterling silver based which means the quality is higher, but because it’s softer than brass or gold, it can be tricky at times.

What is your favorite new jewelry trend, and what trend are you over?

Ear jackets and climbers. I’m obsessed with these looks and hope these stick around for quite some time. I have a fairly petite frame, so statement necklaces have and always will be a bit of a challenge for me. Shifting away from the chunkier pieces back to basics is refreshing.

What do you consider a must have piece that every girl should own?

A simple, dainty every day necklace like our 3 stone mini bar or petal bar necklace. Something you can wear alone or stack, and it goes with anything. I’m also a huge fan of studs, so a great pair of basics with a splash of color is a must. I love our Caitlin studs for this.

Rachael Ryen 3 Mini Stone Bar Necklace



Rachael Ryen Petal Bar Necklace


Rachel Ryen Caitlin Studs

Most meaningful piece in your jewelry box?

An opal necklace from my great grandmother

Which piece is an investment piece worth splurging on?

Definitely a beautiful, classic watch.

It was a pleasure getting to hang with our girl Rachael, now head on over here to check out the rest of her collection.

  • Abigail Rose
  • abalone jewelrybar necklacebar necklacesclassic jewelrylabradorite jewelrymoonstone jewelrypave jewelryrachael ryenrachael ryen jewelry

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